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What is LinkedIn?

To me, LinkedIn is a professional relationship management software. But that's not the answer I'll give if someone asks me the question, "hey so what's linkedin?" The answer i give will typically depend upon the generation (based on approx DOB) the questioner belongs to. Here are some examples.

boomers and earlier than 1960s- ahh, forget about it. just call me when you need to talk to me. i still have your phone number.

gen x (1960s to 1980s) - software you and I can use to stay connected with each other and our professional careers, ideas and aspirations.

Mi Taanaajee Boltoy

I had innteresting experience today. Came to Mumbai to visit with my mom and dad and their traditional helper Taanaajee was absent due to personal reasons. He usually helps my dad with his wheelchair and takes him around our neighborhood. So instead I pushed the wheelchair this evening. Mom came along as well. A few shopkeepers who know Taanaajee (and don't know me) were puzzled and asked my dad, "where is Taanaajee?". Before anyone said anything, the phrase that came to my mind was - "mee taanaajee boltoy". I said out loud "meech Taanaajee" as in I am Taanaaji for today.

Gauri Karle Arrives...

On April 8th, 2008 I became a father again. This time my wife gave birth to a baby girl, Gauri Bhushan Karle. She weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces at birth and measured 21 inches long. You can see the pictures of Gauri at

Birthday Bashes

Pictures are at

We celerbrated several friends' kids birthdays in the last few weeks and Shridhar loved it more than we did. The games they played, the dances we danced it was all fabulous. My parents also got a glimples of social life of a desi family through these reunions. First it was Sam-Anu's daughter (Vivica), then it was Ravi-Usha's son (Raghav), followed by Hira's son (Aksh). Each party had a different theme and all were fun.

The World Champion of Public Speaking is...

Just found out that the Toastmasters International's World Champion of Public Speaking is Vikas Jhingran. He is doing his PhD at MIT and happens to be from Moradabad, India. I felt so good to hear this news about him, that I thought I must share it. Inspring others though speech is not easy, and to win a contest at such a high level is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations Vikas, you have achieved a great feat!!

जीमेल - हिन्दी में (Gmail in Hindi)

आजकल मै अपना जीमेल पूरा हिन्दी मे देखता हून. आपने वो कभी ट्राय किया है?

करना हो तो सिर्फ़ “सेटिन्ग्स” में जाके language = हिन्दी कहके save किजिये…
फ़िर देखो कमाल…

Hindi Gmail Screenshot

Online Videos (Youtube, Videojug etc)

I have been watching a lot of online vidoes lately and learning from them. Here's a partial list of some of my favorites...

Young People Making a Difference

I met this young man via connections and was fascinated with his dedication to community service. Check it out...

Summer TLI Presentation about Toastmasters

Here I talk about my presentation from Cookeville's Summer TLI. There were some technical snafus which I thought were funny. The presentation went well I think. I enjoyed it. I'd love to continue the covesations that started there. If you need a copy of my powerpoint and/or handouts, please send me an email (bkarle at gmail dot com)

Roast Of Jan Daigle & Other Toastmasters Achievements

I had so much fun when I roasted Jan Daigle. I even uploaded the video to YouTube. Also I talk about my recent Toastmasters Awards and an upcoming presentation.

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