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Credit Card Traps, Coincidences and Toastmasters

Here I talk about Credit Card Traps and how to protect yourself from them. I also share some Coincidences that happened recently in my life. And of course, I talk about my upcoming Toastmasters speeches and achievements.

Pretending To Be Your Guide

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Insanity and Cycology

Was up late Tuesday night arranging the library at home. Found some great books on tape. Started listening to "Power of Positive Insanity" by Mark Therrien today. I was laughing out loud on the way to work. I plan to ditch NPR, which I forgot to include as my favorite news-letters (pun intended) in my last post, for next few days while I finish his tapes:-)

My newsletters

My favorite Newsletters, mostly received electronically and what they mean to me. Includes Zig Zigler, Toastmasters and others...

My newsletters


This and That

Memorial Day weekend is here. My friend Sanjay and I are planning to start playing Golf seriously. He actually went ahead and bought a set of clubs. Last Friday, we practiced our swings at the Moccasin Bend Golf Course's driving range. The lessons I had taken in year 2001 didn't quite help, but surely I was better than just a first timer. But need to focus on the lessons. Hoepfully, I will have time to take more lessons soon. Meanwhile, practice will continue again this weekend.

Code Orange in Chattanooga

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Star Cruise in India


More Pictures on PicasaWeb

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Area Governor Of The Year

I was recently awarded District 63 Area Governor of The Year award.

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