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I am back in USA

I am back in the USA after a wonderful (but hectic) trip top India. Jet lag is still not gone completely, so I end up sleeping early and waking up early. Afternoons are especially hard. What is making it worse is allergies that are kicking in. Apparently, there are a lot of pollen in the air (still) in Chattanooga. Well, I will see how I can get rid of these allergies.

Manjiri and Shridhar are still enjoying their stay in Pune at Manjiri's mom's place. That sure must be nice. I miss them a lot.

More soon.

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Blogging For Business and Going Beyond The Toastmasters Club

I recently gave a presentation using my Toastmasters manual about Blogging and how it can help Businesses. The setting was downtown Chattanooga at the Engineers' Club.

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