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Rainbow in Pune!!!

Pune threw me another surprise yesterday - vaLivaachaa paaus - heavy pre-monsoon rains. I had the best time with Prachi (manjiri's niece) on the rooftop getting soaked in the not-so-cold rain amongst the tropicla mango and jackfruit trees...

Also attended pre-wedding ceremonies (Seemant puujan) of Vineeta. Amazingly, she performed a very good dance item in it!! Met some more family members (mostly from Manjiri's side of the4 family and some of mine as well).

Reduced pollution in Mumbai-Pune

Enjoying the stay now in Pune - visiting Manjiri's uncle's place - received a very warm "jamaai-raajaa" style welcome...

tomorrow we are to do some sightseeing in Pune and then on Thursday we are to attend a wedding.

Jet lag and Film stars

Despite jet lag and all, we say the resideces of Rekha, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan today near Band Stand.

Earlier during the day, dozed off for a good amount of time trying to catch up with time zones and sleep. Enjoyed "City Walk", a nice parl laden with Palm Trees in the heard of Bandra Kurla Office Complex. Reminded us of the City Place in West Palm Beach...very nice dinner out in the open, nice weather also.

more later...

Logged into Mumbai

Landed in mumbai on scheduled time (2 May 2005 1:16am) to meet aai-baabaa-daadaa-vahini-nihar-amar. Everything was great (including airline meals and even Mumbai customes) excelpt Lufthansa's seats and the long layover in Frankfurt.
Internet here is cablenet broadband. seems to work fast enough for my gmail downloads...

Getting ready to go to India

leaving to go to India on Saturday April 30, 2005. Atlanta-Frankfurt-Mumbai on Lufthansa...

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