Community garage sale, raking up the 'ker', baking the cakes and exercise!

Community garage sale in Hamilton on Hunter, raked the fall foliage in our back yard on Sunday and baked lasagna, banana nut bread and pumpkin pie in the oven, all on Sunday!! Also as of Monday, I have started on a vigorous workout routine, which had helped me back in 2001.

Airshow, Halloween, Diwali and Pooja

Chattanooga Airshow, Blue angels, Diwali, cats, callico, Raaja and Pooja

Report on my Fall Colors Hike Oct 22-23, 2005

Fall Colors

Aditya Kalyanpur at home


Fall Colors Hike Oct 22-23, 2005

Fall Colors, Hiking


Water proofing of the deck, stain stripping, lawn fertilizer, weed killer, pelletized lime, excellence

Contests Week

Table Tennis Tournament, Toastmasters Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest, Cricket Tournament in Atlanta

Going to BMM marathi convention

We are going to attned the BMM Convention in Atlanta for the 3 day weekend coming up (2-3-4 July 2005)

wedding in latur

on the night on 31st, Amar (my cousin in law) and myself boarded the Latur express train from Mumbai to latur via jalna. We travelled in the a/c sleeper coach, and this is one of the most comfortable ways to travel in india. I always wanted to travel by train this trip, and this was my opportunity. We met my Kaka (mom's sister's husband) at Jalna, and we had a good time all the way to Latur. we were met my relatives at the train station, and i felt very important!! My three brother in laws came to visit get me!! That was an honor.

Karle - Photole

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