Family Reunion

The day went very well. It started with upmaa for breakfast after a nice long walk with baabaa. phone conversations with Chavan Sir and few other friends followed by at-home guests. Mom had organised "Chaintra-Gauri-haldi-kunku" and guests for that included her yoga teacher, her friends and our neighbors, among many others. Special delight it was to meet grown up kids like Manasi who has now taken up dance as a hobby. Manjiri enjoyed being the suunbaai and jaaubaai with aai-vahinii.

I then played cricket on the street after a while. Got out when the ball went over the fence!! It was hit well, but the local rules dictate that I should not play in such a way that the ball may cause damage to the neighborhood buildings - hence the rule that the batsman be given out for such a shot:-)

On the occassion of Mother's day, we all went shopping in the local market and purchased a new fully automatic washing machine for aai. She needed a new one for a long time, but was relunctant to buy one. The new one is made by LG, with a load capacity of 5.5 kg and needa a lot of water (which is no problem now that we have an electric pump and a 500Litre water tank in the house) . The washing machine was promptly delivered that afternoon and it will be installed on Monday.

In a short stay like this one, we were wondering how we would get to meet everyone in the extended family. But my mom solved the problem by organising an event at home. She rented a small hall near our house, arranged for nice catered food (PaaNi puuri + paav Bhaaji + ice cream) and invited over my cousins, friends and relatives just to hang out. The song and dance that followed filled every one's heart with the music and nostalgea. It was nice to see everyone after several years.