Day for the Alma Mater

Today was filled with excitement of seeing two of my old schools. One in Bandra was my grade 1 through 9 school. Had a nice chat with two teachers (daLavii baai and chavhaaN sir) with Sir's favorite mangola and Cadbury's. The school has gone throooooough some rought times lately but seems to thrive on the shoulders of able teachers like these two.

Then took a train ride to Thane and saw Girish-Deepali-Nihar's newly renovated home in WagaLe estate. The colors and decor are still wet, so to speak. And with some new furnishings, its looking very neat.

I then took daadaa's old scooter and decided to drive it home via IIT. mom and manjiri were against my driving/riding at first fue to fear for our safety, but they obliged after repeated assuarances. To fulfill one of them I bought a helmet right away (its also required it seems by the local police/law).

The ride to IIT POwai took me from Mulund check naakaa over the Eastern Express highway. Traffic was moderate until the Kanjur turn-off, but after that getting further seemed almost impossible. Once I got inside the IIT campus it was beautiful again. NOstalgea took over and i explained the campus to Manjiri. Visited H3 and the GMKs wing as well. Thigs are better now, great canteen and new mess and what not. Tried to go to Vihar lake to watch the sunset but they have security now who will not let any students through. IITB also has two new beautful hostels H12 & H13 who have modern but weird structuers. The sunset was finally available over Powai lake near the staff quarters.

The ride back home via sahar/marol was a bit painful. It just didn't move. The scooter was fine but we both got tired by the time we got home. The exerience of motor cycling in Mumbai still remains exciting.

Back home now, preparing for a two day Indore trip. going to see Raam Maamaa (aai's maamaa) and his family. Its nice that Manjiri and I both are lucky enough our aajoba's named "Raam, Maamaa".