Fun time with the in-laws

It has been about 11 days being in india, and we have already travelled to 3 cities and back to our base of Mumbai (bandra) where bhu's parents live. This has truely a whirlwind of a trip to see family and friends, attend weddings, and sightsee within and outside the cities we are visiting. We arrived in Mumbai in the morning of the 2nd, travelled to pune for the wedding of my cousin sister Vinita and her hubby Nishant (what a beautiful wedding, and they both make a great couple). Spent 3 days with my cousin Medha, jeeja Girish bhai, and children Amol and prachi, and uncle, Kaka. we hiked the Sinhagad, that is outside Pune with my sister-in law's father. It was harder coming down then going up, but what a wonderful view and a nice time to commune with nature, and appreciate a part of india that i rarely see! A truely productive trip. We returned back to mumbai on 7th, and had a gathering on the 8th for bhu's cousins and family friends. The menu was pani puri, paw bhaji and keshar pista icecream!! Amazing how big bhu's family is and most are in mumbai!
On 10th, we flew via Jet Airways to Indore where we appreciated the different hotter climate, the beautiful sites of madhya pradesh, and the hospitality of family. We saw Lal bag where HHR Tukojirao Holkar had his palace. This home has been fairly well maintained, and it was impressive in size, interior decore, authenticity of position, and discription of lifestyle of the royalty of india some 100 years ago.

We also visited a place called Nakharali DhaaNii that held a small presentation of Rajestan (a state of india) and her dance, music, magic show, camel ride, puppet show, and lavish display and sampling of rajistani food and hospitality. We returned back on 11th night, and were so tired from the busy 2 days in indore. We are spending the day of 12th at Bhu's brother's home in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai. Today was visited a McDonald's resturant with an modified american menu with combination of indian food items. This was an interesting experience for both bhu and I. We also visited a local mall here, and it was very grand and glamourous is size and presentation. This was such a different vision from shopping on Linking Road or Laxmi Road in Pune (2 main streets that have several small shops of all sorts of things where i usually go shopping!!)

Tomorrow we go to Khed to visit Bhu's uncle and aunt on his father's side. More info later!
Stay tuned :-)