Family time with manju maushi

Manjiri maushi arrived the day before yesterday (25th may 2005) by metrolink luxury buses. The name 'luxury' didn't fit quite well in the title of the bus. With the AC not working, the broken windows, no suspension and an overbooked bus, she did not surely call it a luxorious trip.

I was going to pick her up that day so she kept me well informed every five minutes where she was through mobile text message. bhushan was quite surprised with the usage of the mobile usage by the Indians. nearly every Indian teenager has one if not two mobiles (1 personal and 1 by office) and each mobile atleast has radio inbuilt and camera attached or atleast a MP3 player.

I picked maushi up from the metrolink office on my 'sunny' bike.More than picking her up it was like performing a circus act. The ' sunny' bike is the most basic two wheeler, not much 'cc' or pickup power. Balancing every thing and my legs outside the bike, we set off for home with the big bag on the footrest place, manjiri maushi holding her bagpack and mine too and we two did fit on the bike too.Thank god for the down slope home !!

After a lot of pestering mom, she finally allowed us to go out at night and have coffee at Durga (a very cool hang out place for teens and the best coffee in pune!!) she joined us too. She didn't trust us to just go out have coffee and come back. As for me I do get left out between these two sisters. They sit together for ages together on the swing and gossip about all the stuff one could think of... the gossip was not very interesting to me so I just slept for the night...

The next day manjiri maushi went to DSK VISHWA, to see the flat.They got a view of the beautiful sunset over the mountains. she loved the place for its peaceful and green environment. More updates later by manjiri maushi.

Yesterday (26th may ) anagha mami had come over to stay for the night. mom had made 'Pav bhaji', with the kala-khatta drink and ice-cream it was perfect. manju mushi loved the butterscotch ice-cream, She said it was more creamier and tastier than it was in the US!! We saw the the video recording by anagha mami on the Yellow Stone national park. The 'Old Faithful', the stalagmites and stalacties, the huge calcium deposit mountains and sulphur hot springs were awesome. The hot spring looked like jaccuzi in the shooting and with the clear bluish water i felt like taking a dip in it.

The Video shooting was so interesting b'coz anagha mami had read books on the geo-thermal activities and had gathered lots of info on the Park. This was useful for the commentary in the video. This is the way on has to travel.. read books on the place and then that very place has a whole new perspective, a whole new meaning to the bare grounds and the blubbling waters around.

It was nearly 2am till all this was over. it took time as each person was sharing some experinces they had in similar places. The shared what all they had seen,like how aji n aju had seen the stalagmites and stalagtites in niue.Then what all the saw in niue. These are some of the unforgetful moments with your family members where they tell their experinces,some thing which cannot be shared even if you made them sit and asked them to share it. Then the night gossip started but now with three of them, i seriously ran away to sleep...