lambii judaaii

Well, I had limited amount of vacation and returned to US on 23rd May. Since then I have recovered from my jet lag and resumed work and other regular activities (Table tennis, Toastmasters, DVD movies, lawn mowing, Raja input-output etc). Already enjoyed a long weekend (Memorial) and completed the sale of our Florida home without actually going there. Something new here, weather is nice and warm, not too hot, sometimes rainy and even foggy (beautiful!!), and thus helping our new tomato plants grow. We had planted the seeds before going to India and now the plants have grown to be about a few feet tall, and already laden with green tomatoes. It was fun to transplant them from pots into the ground. Manjiri will be very happy to see them when she comes back.

Manjiri is still in India enjoying the extended vacation. Since I left, she claims that she is missing me. But I am not so sure:-) She is amongst her kin, with wonderful food and everyone's wonderful hospitality. She went to Thane for a day ot two, then to Pune for 3-4 days (major shopping there, I heard), then back in bandra (enjoyed chinese food, went shopping, watched "sahi re sahi" naaTak with aaibaba, house-hunting in Vashi with builders etc) and now she is off to Latur. Prachi Belambe (Manjiri's other niece - her mother's sisters' daughter's daughter) is getting married there on the 3rd. So Manjiri went by train (1005 Down Devagiri Express) to Latur accomplanied by Amar (my cousin). She travelled in AC 3-tier rail compartment and went through Aurangabad-Jalna etc. I am very eager to see the pictures she is taking of the train journey and all the family members she is meeting (I spoke to many of them on the phone this morning). She is still carrying the Dolphin mobile phone we had started using which seems to be working even in Latur (roaming).

I miss Manjiri. Without her house looks and feels empty. The cellphone is not ringing as much. Raja keeps looking around for her as well. One more week, and she will be here...