wedding in latur

on the night on 31st, Amar (my cousin in law) and myself boarded the Latur express train from Mumbai to latur via jalna. We travelled in the a/c sleeper coach, and this is one of the most comfortable ways to travel in india. I always wanted to travel by train this trip, and this was my opportunity. We met my Kaka (mom's sister's husband) at Jalna, and we had a good time all the way to Latur. we were met my relatives at the train station, and i felt very important!! My three brother in laws came to visit get me!! That was an honor.

We arrived at the home at about 300pm and food was waiting for us. we were instructed to sit and have lunch with everyone and then we had a good time catching up on old issues times. I met my niece for the first time who was getting married!! We talked a lot of time talking. her sister's are married, and have one daughter each. They were calling me Aji whcih means grandmother, since technically that is what i am to them.! it was great to see everyone aftr such a long time.

the day we arrived, they had the mehendi ceremony, where the bride gets her hand designed with temporary tattoos. Another niece also got out a cone of mehendi and decorated our hands with beautiful designs. wow, mine was really red and delicate looking. We took lots of pictures of the bride and her family and other members of he family and relatives. we got things ready for dinner and had a great feast with a variety of things made for the wedding party and guests of the wedding family. We all slept on the terrace under the open sky, with stars as far as you could see.
The nextday, we all got up early and got things ready for the wedding in the afternoon. More time with family and fun and songs with children. We left for the wedding hall that afternoon, and had the first set of pujas that happen the day before. The groom's family and friends arrieved in a bus, and we got to meet them all at the wedding hall. They both made a cute couple.

The day of the wedding was beautiful and hectic and fantastic. the bride was beautiful in her sari and the groom was handsome in his shervani. the vedic retuals for the wedding took place in the morning and the marriage occured at 12:30 pm with fan fare and enthusiasm. The food was delicious and the wedding party very merry with all the going ons. The kanyadan was sad and tearful, but joyous. We arrived home at 6:00pm, had some time to spend with family and left for mumbai by sleeper bus at 9:30pm. I had a great time visiting family, getting to know my nieces and nephews and learning more about my family traditions and customs.