Contests Week

These days I am involved in several areas of life where there's a need to compete.

I participated in my Toastmasters Club Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. I spoke about "Indians in America" trying to poke fun at myself. Out accents, unique use of language, culture and Indianness. People liked it, but there were two other speeches that were much funnier than mine. But I did win the Evaluation contest by default because no one else participated. I gave a critical feedback to a guest speaker and qualified to represent my club in the area level contest on Saturday Sept 24th. That should be fun.

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I have been playing table tennis consistently for last 6-8 months. Joined Chattanooga Table Tennis Club and we practice twice a week. To get better, I participated in tournaments where people from other clubs and all walks of life come togehter to show off their TT talent. In June, it was in Chattanooga and I got my first USATT ranking of 1274 then. That's about average, but i knew I can do better. last weekend, Sept 17-18, I went to Murfreesboro, TN (a suburb of Nashville) to play in an international tournament. That was some experience. I didn't win many games, but I witnessed some of the world's best players take part in the championship. Learnt a lot of tricks and tips. I still continue to play and improve.

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I have also started playing cricket (tennis ball) with friends here, not very consistently. There was a chance to play in a tournament in Atlanta, but I am already tied up with so many things, that I have to skip the tournament for now.

But this competition spirit is very good. It brings out the best in me and also keeps me fit, mentally as well as physically:-)

Ganesh Chaturti was fun. more on that later.
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