I have become very introspective these days. I have become focussed on setting goals and setting projects to accomplish. The common goal among all projects is to achieve a level of excellence in my effort. I will do my best, no slack.

For example, home improvement. Last week, with guidance my friend Vikram, and of course with the help of Manjiri, I worked to better my lawn. After mowing it, I spread pelletized lime followed by a started fertilizer all over my yard. This is to balance the pH and help the soil become rich in nutrients. Thsi was done on Thursday and Friday evenings. Then on Sudnay morning I sprayed the weed killer all over the lawsn in an effort to get rid of the crab grass that's takign the resources away from the beautiful lawn we already have. This all took a lot of effort, in an area that I am NOT really interested in. But I was repeatedly assured by Vikram, from his pesonal experience, that the results will be spectacular. Specially once we aerate the lawn in mid-October, next spring the lawns will look "sexy" he says:-) We will see. as for me, I am giving it a try to make my house look better. I am NO expert in lawns, but I will do some basic gardening.

Speaking of gardening, the summer proliferation of tomatoes and jalapenos was fabulous in our little vegetable garden. Tomatoes were plentiful rightaway in June-July-August but the plant has now started waning. The Jalapeno plants took a while to spring up, but since July-august, they have been producing the most delicious mirchi. ITs still going, and we love it.

Last Saturday we also worked on our deck in the back yard. The "color" or "stain" on it was just painfully dark and the wood seems to be chipping due to moisture that may have seeped inside the wood over the years. I think the previous owners never waterproofed the deck. So we decided to take up the project. First we put down a chemical "stain-stripper" which was very slippery and quite caustic, I may say. After 45 minutes of its 'action', we started washing it off with a pressure washer, which we bought recently. The process was slow, and the stain/color was too deep, but after a good 4-5 hours (which went into the night hours), we seem to have stripepd a good layer of it. we can now see the grain on the udnerlying wood which looks much better. We will have to do a second round "striping" to get the wood back to natural color and then apply a colorless stain to waterproof it. That's a project for next weekend.

Much more to write on excellence. But I will wait here and continue later.