Aditya Kalyanpur at home

Aditya Kalyanpur

We were fortunate to have this great artist visit us last weekend, thanks to Ajit Damle. He has played Tabla for many a renowned artists. He was trained by Ustad Allarakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain since his childhood. He lives in Boston from April-October and in Mumbai from November-March. He was visiting Nashville for a concert performance when he heard Ajit Damle was cominn to visit me. Aditya and Ajit have been talking on the phone about meeting, and our house was the lucku location!!

The weekend was full of musical discussions, raag-daarii, etc. Ajit played some santur, but Aditya wanted break from Tabla for a few days so he did not bring his tabla at all. But it was a scintillating conversation. We also did some sighseeing within and around Chattanooga. IMAX movie on Sharks, Tennessee Aquarium, Incline Rrailway of Lookout Mountain, Greek Restaurant (Acropolis) etc etc. Today Ajit and Aditya are still resting at home. Later Ajit will proceed to Gatlinburg and Smoky Moutains and Aditya will go back to Nashville to his hosts there and fly back to Boston tomorrow.