Airshow, Halloween, Diwali and Pooja

Last weekend, we witnessed Blue Angels and many other fighter jets do acrobatic stunts right in front of us. We went to the Chattanooga Airshow at the airport. Since I work at the airport hangar, we had a close up view. Seeing these pilots do the stunts in the air just makes you go "Wow!". Amazing skill. the temperature that day was 50-60 (very nice to be outdoors in the sun). And we had a potluck! I made pulao and several others cooked delicious means. With a barbecue grill, meat was not problem for most colleagues. For veggies, I had cooked pulao and brought in Boca burgers. It was a great get together.

On Monday night, it was Halloween. We both dressed up for the occasion. Manjiri had pumpkin colors on and I was the Mod Squad Eric with afro hair. Lots of kids came to our home for trick-or-treat and we gave them candy. While I was waiting at my door for next set of kids to come, I was somehow reminded of dasara (dussehara) because on that day in Mumbai, we exchange leaves of the tree of aapaTaa (सोनं) as precious gifts, and seek blessings from everyone in the neighborhood and family. As trick-or-treaters came and said happy Halloween, i was happy to give them candy and blessings, just as my neighbors used to do when I went sona-exchange in my days as kid in Mumbai.

Speaking of Halloween, more celebration is on the horizon. Better go and clean the house:-) What a coincidence that Halloween, Diwali and Id-ul-Fitr all fall on consecutive days this year.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights. I was not sure if anybody would be interested in celebreating on a weekday and made a comment to Manjiri, " gee, I wish we had friends with whom we can celebrate diwali with 'pharaaL' and 'phaTaake'". And surely enough, Manjiri got on the phone and called everyone for a Tuesday night rendezvous. Many declined due to their own pooja at home or something else, but with a two or three families that did show up, we enjoyed spectacular fireworks and delicious food:-) Archana's kesari (similar to shira), Manjiri's dal and kheer, Shikah's baingan (bharalee waangee) and Shalmali's chicken kheemaa (I know some say no non-veg on diwali day, but it was really good:-) ) all these dishes were really good.

With Vikram's help, I bought and lit up some special fireworks. paaus (fountain), naag (snake), chakra (spinners), rockets, colorful artilleries, all of these were not-so-noisy ones. We still have some more left, we will enjoy them later sometime.

Announcing the arrival of our new cat, Pooja. She will accompany Raja from now on. We adopted her recently from her previous parents who works with me. Pooja is a 6 month old "calico" kitten, meaning she shows three colors, all mixed up on her body. He mom was light brown, and dad was black, and she has some white interspersed. She is hyper active, just like any kitten and Raja has taken a liking to her. They seem to play all night (we are awakened several times by their noises) and have share everything (except food) graciously. Raaja and Pooja, what a pair. While both are friendly cats, Raaja usually stays away from you but Pooja is ever so curious and the word fear doesn't exist in her dictionary yet. She loves being played with and petted. Both of them play with their toys whenever we are home to play with them. I have already captured some of her heroics on tape, soon you will see them on America’s funniest videos:-)