Community garage sale, raking up the 'ker', baking the cakes and exercise!

On Saturday, we enjoyed our first Hamilton on hunter garage sale. It was well advertised and many of our neighbors participated. We didn't want to gather junk, but ended up spending about 100 dollars or so on stuff that may be very useful. Biggest item was a Pro-Form recumbent bike (CrossTrainer 970) for $75. Not bad, considering new one costs $299+ and I really wanted one for my basement gym. We do have an elliptical machine, but I enjoy the stationary bike more, and it’s always good to have an option:-) We also bought a wok (#3), and badminton set ($1) and workout mat ($2) and other miscellaneous items for the household. Overall, the shopping and meeting the neighbors was exciting.

The grass in the backyard was hidden completely under the fall foliage. The trees had shed more than half of their leaves and we wanted to make sure that the newly seeded grass gets breathing room before the next batch of rains come in. So we decided to rake up the yard and collect the foliage and throw it away. Boy, we asked for a lot of trouble. With a borrowed big plastic rake from our neighbor, we took THREE hours as a team (Manjiri and I) to pick up all the leaves. We were exhausted when it was all said and done. But it gave us a good workout and we achieved our purpose. We also had some moments of fun along the way. For example, we ended up making the angel in the pile of fall foliage, like they make a snow angel in the snow. We called it our Fall Angel:-)

The afternoon made us hungry and we baked (pre-packaged lasagna for early dinner while watching the Green Bay Packers versus Atlanta Falcons football game on TV. I love watching Brett Favre (pronounced as faa-r-v), I think he is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history (as much as I know of it anyway). Someday I hope to see him in person. If you know his personal background, and how many adversities he has tackled in life and still eh manages to be on top his game, you will have the respect for him like I do. Click here is some information about him...

After dinner we baked more stuff. Appears our oven was warm and wanted to keep herself warm even longer. Manjiri did most of the work and I helped out as much as I can (which means staying out of the kitchen when I am a disturbance, by the way :-) ). First it was the pumpkin pies using the recipe on the can of pumpkin itself. And then it was the Banana Nut Bread for which Manjiri found a recipe online. Both were done almost at the same time and came out wonderfully. Someday when the web allows for smells and tastes to be uploaded like pictures, I will surely post it here:-) On Monday, both of us took some of each of our bakes to share with our colleagues at work and they enjoyed it as well.

As of Monday, I have also started working out. I have a strength training routine charted out. The plan was designed with the help of a personal trainer back in 2001 when I was single, and getting in shape for my wedding. It worked wonders back then. It calls for Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri workouts, alternating Upper and Lower body muscles groups. It involves weights and machines as well as free form exercises. The plan also calls for Cardio/Aerobic exercise to complement the strength training. I had enjoyed it back in 2001 and had gotten the results that I wanted (from chubby to lean; BMI went 27 to 23) but my body has changed quite a bit since then. So I have to start slowly and get to that level again. But I am extremely motivated right now and hope to continue on this path. Luckily, I have a buddy now (Andrew, one of my colleagues at work), a gym access (at work, with shower etc for free) and a company sponsored health survival training and monitoring program to support me in my efforts. I can't complain:-) If you want to see my workout details, I have it all stored in an excel spreadsheet, which I can send it by email; Just let me know.