We are curretly in Verona, KY (suburb of Cincinnati, OH) visiting Manjiri's brother for Thanksgiving. We drove up here last night (5 hrs from Chattanooga) and played poker until 4am (with fake money chips) with Shrini (Manjiri's brother) and his friends and neighbors. That was fun. Now Elizabeth, Shrini's wife is cooking up the thanksgiving turkey and all the other paraphernilia that goes with it. I am looking forward to eating all that and hanging out with the kids (Akshay, Evan and Tej) for next few days. Planning to go shopping tomorrow morning. Let me know if you want to buy something. Walmart has tremedous specials just for tomorrow ( take a look at this digital camera 6mega pixels for $200 - I am thinking of buying it seriously)

During the afternoon we went to Cracker Barrel and had some late breakfast. Then Shrini showed us his office building from outside. He works for this big Japanese Car company's North American division (name starts with a T). The office was impressive. Then we went to the airport to pick up Sundeep. He arrived from Boston to join us for thanksgiving. The reunion of the Arole brothers and sister was yet another highlight of the weekend. The two SPA-Role brothers immediately started talking tech and put their heads together to see if they can get the Toshiba projection TV's Red color (which was lost due to some lose connection) back again. They actually opened it up while I started asking google for its service manual (Toshiba 65h80). Before too long they figured out the problem and fixed even before the service manual was downloaded (which in itself was amazing - now a days everything is available on google:-) )

Now Shrini is playing with his new remote control car toy. Let the games begin...