New Year begins with a bang!!

December 2005 anad January 2006 have been quite eventful. Have been meaning to write about it.

December saw our house full of guests. First it was my best friend Amit, his wife Shraddha and daughter Isha, who came in early December to bat the holiday rush. They also drove to Florida to see Disney. Then during the Christmas holidays, Sudarshan and Neeta Desai came from Atlanta for one day, followed by Akshay Amin for another day (he actually drove all the way from Kansas!). Right after that, Meera, Manjiri's friend came from New Jersey, with her brother Pramod, his wife Madhavi and son Anirudh. They also brought along their parents who were visitiung from India. On the New Year's Eve, we also had the company of Sneha & Sachin Prabhu and their children Anand and Arati, who drove from Somerset, KY to see us.

So we had this big bash on New Years eve. More on that later. Suddenly everyone was gone and the new year gave us some relent. Work picked up. New projects kicked in for me. I am now working on a proof of concept on AVR.NET Webpart using Microsoft SharePoint technology. Exciting stuff. Manjiri is also beginning to get busy with new classes for her continuing education.

Both of us attended 3 of 4 different musical programs at the Tivoli Theatre in downtown Chattanooga during the last two months. First it was the Nutcracker, in which Carrie's daughter Alyssa was acting. Then it was the Home for the Holidays musical with Christmas carols and holiday songs. We then saw the spectacle of Tommy Tune and his dancing troupe in the Dr. Dolittle. And just last week, we enjoyed Italian opera Don Giovanni, performed by Chattanooga Symphony and Orchestra. The music was written 250 years ago by Mozart. It was a good experience but I am not sure if I will go again. The opera reminded me of naaTyasangeet - a musical drama in marathi theatre in Mumbai/Maharasthra, except it was in italian. Luckily they had english supertitles (yeah, over the head, projected), so we could at least understand the story being told. The sopranos and tenors and altos were very good singers, but personally, not too exciting for me. I actually felt the same way about sangeet-naaTak as well. but anyway.

Well, time to go play table tennis again. Toastmasters leadership training was good. I am now actively learning by being Vice President of Education at my club, Monday Mumblers. Taxes are beckoning me as well. I have almost finished adding up all my stuff in my online tax preparation website, just need to wait till the actual W-2 are shipped and received. I enjoy doing taxes, believe it or not. I learn a lot, doing it myself. Gotta go for now.