Spring is here...

Spring is here and we have started our yard work. This time last year we had moved into out house but we had no clue about the lawn care other than mowing it. Over the last year, I have learnt a lot of bits and pieces about lawn care and now its time to put it all to use. Vikram, my neighbor and co-worker is an expert and I follow his advice.

So two weekends, ago, when it was a nice and sunny day, we first cleaned the lawn, removed leftover foliage and spread some palletized lime over the lawn. Then I used Scott's fertilizer with Holtz pre-emergent weed preventer. This is supposed to help the growth of the Tall Fescue grass I have and prevent the crab grass and other seeds from germinating. I still have weeds that have grown over the past few months and they can only be killed by using a weed-killer.

After the application of fertilizer, it rained and also a cold spell came in. Even today, it was high 50s when we set out to finish up our spring application. Both of us got into our sweat shirts and son the sun warmed us up. We raked out all the remaining foliage around the edges of our lawn, especially near the fence. Then I used the Hedge trimmer to cut off all the tree branches that were on my eye level. Since they were dry, it was relatively easy. Then I helped Manjiri clean up another part of our yard to prepare it for some kind new landscaped area (we haven't decided what it will be yet, but it was good to work on it). While Manjiri knit-picked on fine weeds in our soon-to-be-planted vegetable garden, I focused on getting the lawn mowed and yard cleaned up. Then I spread some Scott's Fertilizer with Haltz Crab Grass Prevetner in those peripheral areas where I raked up the foliage from. After that application, which was very quick because of the Scott's Standard broadcast spreader I bought couple of weekends ago, I also spread some Insects killer granules in a 5 foot band around the house to prevent millipedes and such bugs from entering the house from the foundation. The spreader makes our life so easy. Then I got out the weed killer I had bought yesterday. This time it was SpectraCide (as opposed to Weeb-Be-Gone last fall), and despite Vikram's suggestion of using a spray can, I used their special bottle which can be used directly with a hose. It makes life very easy for people like me; I just need to see if it’s effective.
Well, I will surely know since I actually took pictures this time for a Before and After type of a comparison. I took them at the end of today's work, just before the spraying of the weed killer with the hosed water. I will take pictures again soon to keep track of the progress.

Rest if fine. I was tired after I worked from 10:30 am till 5 pm in the yard all day today. Pretty much chilled in front of the TV after coming back in and taking a shower. Watched Bring It On, followed by American Pie 2, followed by American Wedding. While watching the TV, I shredded some documents that needed shredding on the new shredder I purchased from Office Depot, manufactured by Ativa. I didn't really like it even though it has a capacity of 10 papers at a time, because it made a lot of mess and it was very inconvenient to unload the resulting junk.

Finally I decided to get the laptop blog away about my day's activities.