Text Your Way To The World!!

SMS (Short Messaging Service) aka Text messaging is becoming a popular way of communcation now here in the US after it has been an established way of communication all over the rest of the world. I am just catching up. Until now, I have been using text messaging to send and and receive occasional messages to family and friends and sometimes get information from Google SMS (more on that later). That was costing me about 10 cents a message. Finally I signed up with my carrier (Cingular) to get 50 messages for 3 dollars. As a promotion, I have free unlimited text messaging for this first month, so I am going to try and text my way to the world to see how far I can get with it.

But I thought while I am on the subject, why don't I share some of the related information I have gathered with all you folk. Some of you may already know this, and for others it may still be way out there. But here it is anyway, take it or leave it. If you think its valuable, share it with your friends and email lists.

Please do send me your feedback though, by Email (not publishing it here), SMS (not publishing it here) or by Emailed-SMS (not publishing it here)



To send a text message to Cingular/AT&T Wireless subscribers:
Go to http://www.cingularme.com/do/public?l=en-US&v=cingular
send an email to: <10 digit phone#>@mobile.mycingular.net

To send a text message to T-Mobile subscribers:
Go to https://wmg.tmomail.net/customer_site/jsp/messaging_lo.jsp
send an email to: <10 digit phone#>@tmomail.net

To send a text message to Sprint/NexTel subscribers:
Go to http://messaging.sprintpcs.com/textmessaging/compose
email to <10 digit phone#>@messaging.sprintpcs.com

To send a text message to Verizon subscribers:
Go to https://www.vtext.com/customer_site/jsp/messaging_lo.jsp
send an email to: <10 digit phone#>@vtext.com

To send a text message to BPL Mobile subscribers (in India)
send an email to <10 digit phone#>@bplmobile.com

I am still looking for information for Reliance Mobile phone subscribers in India. If you know about it, or if you have any other info in this category, please let me know.


Google SMS

Almost all of you are now familiar with Google's Search web page. Well, most of that power is now available on your text message enabled cell phones as well. They have launched a service called Google SMS. When you are on the road, away from the web and need info, a phone number or address, or movie info, even weather report, you just send a query message (such as weather Chicago) to google's special SMS number 46645 (remember GOOGL on your phone pad) and they will send you the query results in seconds. For more information on Google SMS, see their website http://www.google.com/sms/. Its fantastic.