Back to school with H & R Block

Life has gotten busier over the last month. Every day I am learning something new and feel like there isn't enough time left in a day.

Started my class with H & R Block on September 12th. This is their annual tax preparation course for their office employees. I decided to take it because I think I have learned quite a bit over the last few years by doing my own taxes in very complex situations. But boy was I wrong!! I learned in first two sessions that the US Tax law is amazingly complex and what I was using for my own tax preparation was only a small percent of that code and even for that I was using software like Tax Cut and TurboTax. In this class with H & R Block, which meets every Tuesday night and Saturday morning for 3 hours at a time, we are doing everything from scratch, on a piece of paper using 1040 form and pencil. The instructor is helping us understand how important the details can be, using a guide book and workbook prepared with meticulous details and careful planning. We learn by doing and every other week, there's quiz to make sure we remember things as we go along. I have enjoyed this learning so far and will probably enjoy the rest of it (it’s a 6 week class). At the end of this class, there will be a comprehensive exam, which, if I pass with at least 80% marks, I will eligible to work with H & R Block as an employee during the next tax season which begins in January 2007. The money I will make doesn't interest me as much as the knowledge and experience I will get by interacting with actual clients. But one thing is clear, this class is definitely helping me get good with my quantitative skills and paying attention to details. This leads me to the next blog on GMAT.