Cincinnati and Detroit Trip (Madness)

In August 2006, we did this crazy trip to see Madhavi Taai and Jaydeep's family. Drove on Friday night from Chattanooga to Cincinnati (374 miles) and got there at 1 am. Then on Saturday, we left after lunch and reached Detroit Airport (275 miles) to pick up Madhavi taai who arrived from London. After picking her up, we went to her cousin Rajashree's place for a few hours and left for Cincinnati. We reached Cincinnati at about midnight on Saturday night after another 275 miles or so. Bhushan did most of the driving so far.

All day Sunday we did some sightseeing (Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati, Kenwood Shopping Center, Udupi Restaurant dinner etc) and lots of talking as family. Madhavi taai, Bhushan-Manjiri, Akshay, Evan and Tej. It was fabulous time. Then after celebrating Jaydeep's birthday at home we left at about 8pm or so for Chattanooga. Manjiri pretty much drove all night and we made it home at about 4 or 5 am.

All in all, we did a lot of driving, but had some great moments of family time, which would not have come our way otherwise. There was that one time we touched lake Erie near Detroit. Then the moment when Elizabeth drove us in our car to downtown Cincinnati. And Madhavi Taai got to experience the Grey Hound bus ride from Cincinnati to Detroit. Those were the interesting parts.