Blogging For Business and Going Beyond The Toastmasters Club

I gave two speeches in a day yesterday (first time for me) and enjoyed both the presentations very much. First one was about Blogging and how it can benefit businesses. I gave that one at the Chattanooga Engineers Club. If you were in that audience, I am posting those links at the bottom of this post. Also, the power point will be available via this website or via email soon.

The second speech was at my club and there I talked about what I love doing - going beyond the club and using my toastmasters skill in the area and the community. That presentation was prepared by toastmasters, but I put my heart and soul in it, because I am a living example of it. I talked about how you can participate in Toastmasters contests not just to win them, but to learn from them and enjoy the camaraderie of other Toastmasters in the area. That presentation also focussed on taking on leadership challenges, just as I have done for myself (see my previous post).

OK, here are the links I promised about Blogging for Business

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