India Trip 2007 Begins

We are at home with Bhushan's parents at the moment enjoying some family time. We reached Mumbai via NorthWest/KLM flight via Amsterdam which was a pleasant experience overall. The air crafts were relatively new, tons of movies to watch, on demand, and decent food. Of course the seats are still NOT comfortable in the economy class. But we didn't have much to complain about. Amsterdam airport was refreshing, but we couldn't help notice that the airport in general allows smoking in public. Other than that it was a good breaking point during our journey.

At Mumbai airport, the arrival was also very pleasant. First of the cleanliness has improved quite a bit. The long queues are history now, what with some 30+ immigration counters and easy customs lines. The carts were freely available for pick up and there wasn't much hassle from people trying to extort money for smallest thjings. My brother Girish, his wife Deepali, their son Nihar and my cousin Amar came to receive us at the airport and my mom and dad stayed at home. A quick taxi ride (prepaid) brought us home and conversations lasted hours. From 1:00 am till almost 5:00 am we chatted, opened up the bags of gifts etc and finally crashed into makeshift beds after a snack of "pohe" made by Deepali vahini:-)

The whole day Saturday was gone recovering from Jetlag at home, but on Sunday we did something exciting. We joined a group of school children on a field trip to INS Vikrant (look it up on Google Earth at 18.93180792571063N, 72.84226202880814E). We explored this decommissioned Naval Aircraft Carrier.

On Monday we hung out at home and visited a Yoga class with my mom. Ate Indian Chinese and watched cricket world cup match on TV. Today we are headed to a Laughter Club class with my dad and possibly more sightseeing in Mumbai along with some minor shopping. Tomorrow we head out to Kerala.

More later...