Bank Of America ATM Surprise

I frequently deposit checks into Bank of America ATM and I am very picky as to how I do it. I usually place one check in one envelope and deposit all envelopes individually so that when the transactions are in my account, I can reconcile them better by their amounts. I am sure I have annoyed several people in line behind me on some days when I had 6 checks to deposit:-).

But this last trip to the ATM surprised me. Withhout paying attention to the instructions warning me of the ATM being new, I proceeded with a check deposit with an envelope. But suddently, the ATM rejected my envelope. I was like, what? Needless to say, I got off the phone and started reading the instructions. The new ATM can read your check!! So you just slide it in and it will confirm the amount for you. It was not something I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised. How often does your bank surprise you pleasantly?