Area Governor Of The Year

Toastmasters District 63 announced their awards for the 2006-2007 year and they thought I did a good enough job as Area Governor to receive "Area Governor Of The Year" award. I feel honored. All I did was follow the manual (there is one for Area Governor as well:-) ) and clubs in my area did everything they can to help me. I certainly learned a lot of lessons along the way. It has been a great Toastmasters year for me. I finished my High Performance Leadership Project, my first CL Manual was finished, all my clubs will be distinguished by end of June and I will also have achieved my AC-Bronze after I give a speech next week. In July, after successful completion of Area Governor term, I will also become eligible for AL-Silver award. provided I receive the Club Coach award as well for helping Wordspinners.And now this award. All in all, a lot of achievement, right before I take some time off from heavy Toastmasters activity to spend some quality time with our son, Shridhar.