This and That

Memorial Day weekend is here. My friend Sanjay and I are planning to start playing Golf seriously. He actually went ahead and bought a set of clubs. Last Friday, we practiced our swings at the Moccasin Bend Golf Course's driving range. The lessons I had taken in year 2001 didn't quite help, but surely I was better than just a first timer. But need to focus on the lessons. Hoepfully, I will have time to take more lessons soon. Meanwhile, practice will continue again this weekend.

Memorial Weekend is also our first meeting anniversary. in 2001, I had met Manjiri for the first time in Nashville and that was the Memorial Weekend. I am missing her right now since she is still in India:-(

My parent's cruise experience was fantastic. They enjoyed the food and 10 story ship very much, it seems. The visit to Lakshdweep island was only a nominal one, nothing much to write home about. They took some pictures using my old digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 3100), so I am eager to see those pictures now. My mom is fascinating in these technology things and I am proud of her for taking on these adventures. Baabaa got a bit dizzy when the ship was rocking a bit, but he slept well in the cabins at night. Now they are back on land and happy about their trip experience. More soon.