My newsletters

Just thought I would post this. These are the newsletter I subscribe to and a little excerpt from each one. Of course, there are more that I will have to dig out, but this is a sampler...

  • Zig Ziglar (subscribe here)
    The Art of Being, Doing and Having
    By Zig Ziglar

    One of my favorite phrases is, "You've got to be before you can do and do before you can have." In short, you have to be a person of character and do the right things, and then you can have the things you really want. To make the "be, do have" theory valid, look at some examples in your own life..... (I have the complete email if you are interested)

  • The Exchange (Subscribe here)
    This month's topic -- Telephone and Electronic Etiquette
    1. Email Guidelines for Organizations
    2. What Our Clients Are Saying
    3. Phone Tips for Dummies (and Really Smart People Too)
    4. In The News
    5. Mum's The Word
    6. Dear TLC
    7. Some Very Funny Web Name Bloopers
    8. Happy Birthday!
    9. Featured Service
    10. CEO Corner
  • Word of the Day (subscribe here)
    incipient \in-SIP-ee-uhnt\, adjective:
    Beginning to exist or appear.
    for example..."Shiv gradually became aware that he was onto something big, bigger than anything he had ever done before. He was nudged by an incipient awareness that perhaps it was even too big for him."

  • TIPS from Toastmasters (subscribe here)
    Member Numbers Reach Seven Digits
    Recently, Toastmasters International issued member number 1,000,000 to Michael Wilson of
    Moorabbin Saints Toastmasters Club, club number 6760 in Moorabbin, Australia. While this
    does not mean that we have reached the million-member milestone – member numbers are
    assigned to clubs, districts and other entities as well as individual members – it is cause for
    reflection on the magnitude and success of the organization....