Insanity and Cycology

Was up late Tuesday night arranging the library at home. Found some great books on tape. Started listening to "Power of Positive Insanity" by Mark Therrien today. I was laughing out loud on the way to work. I plan to ditch NPR, which I forgot to include as my favorite news-letters (pun intended) in my last post, for next few days while I finish his tapes:-)

Last evening, I resurrected my bicycle from the garage. Enjoyed a tough ride in the neighborhood and went to Kashyap residence about 10 minutes away for dinner. When I came back up the hill, I was exhausted, but in a good way. It felt good with the exercise I have missed for months. Coincidentally, Frazier Crane had a show on Fox's local channel, that was devoted to his cycling embarrssments. The last part of the episode was aptly named "CYCOLOGY" which I though was funny.

Still enjoying the Positive Insanity tapes. If nothing, someday it may help me in my insanity defense:-)