Credit Card Traps, Coincidences and Toastmasters

I have noticed that Credit card companies are charging all kinds of fees these days, unless you are paying attention to the details and fine print, these fees can add up. For example, the convenience of using credit cards when you are traveling abroad now comes with a cost. Yes, most card companies are charging a "Foreign Currency" finance charge and it could be in dollars, not cents, depending on your transaction. I was surprised to see them on my statements after my recent trip to India. My strategy has been to accrue miles this year, and I have been charging everything ans anything on credit cards these days. But I should not have followed that approach while I was in India and Amsterdam. Oh well, lesson learned.
watch out for those credit cards man. Of course, this is petty cash compared to late fees, interest and finance charges that many in America pay, but those of us who believe in paying full amounts each month, and on time, you could be in for a surprise if you don't watch out.

Now, why did I say that there are so many coincidences in my life? well, just after I had witnessed my Amex statement this morning, with this stupid finance charge on it, NPR played this story talking about that same (well almost) issue. And if you had read my blog from a few days ago, you read about my CYCOLOGY coincidence. Well, the list will go on.

Just got back from Dot Net Users Group meeting and now its time for some relaxing...but not for long. I must get ready for a Roast speech I am giving tomorrow evening at the East Brainerd Toastmasters Club. This is in honor of Jan Daigle, my mentor in Toastmasters, who is finishing up one year of service as Division C Governor in District 63. Its an honor for me and a speech credit in a manual that will also help me, my club and my fellow toastmasters achieve awards and recognition, all at once. After finishing this speech, I will receive, Advanced Communicator Bronze, my club will receive Distinguished Club status and my friend Bart Burns will receive Club Coach Award along with me. All this while I roast Jan in front of my fellow toastmasters, who will also give me positive feedback. Now what more could one want? This is probably a great example of positive insanity Mark Therrien was talking about...