Roast Of Jan Daigle & Other Toastmasters Achievements

The Roast on last Wednesday went very well. The normal meeting room was unavailable, so we ended up meeting at picnic tables and using a tree stump as a lectern. The Roast was well received, one in which I felt very comfortable. Jan, the object of my roast thought I was too kind to her and should have made the roast even more pokey. You can be the judge. Watch the video of this roast at my YouTube site

With that roast, I achieved Advance Communicator Bronze award. Just last week, I also achieved Advance Leader Bronze award. This is amazing for me, because everything is going just as I had planned a year ago. The clubs I belong to are becoming Distinguished, and in turn helping me achieve my own goals. The feeling of success through teamwork is incredible.

To cap all this, I am getting another honor - an honor of presenting in front of 75-100 toastmasters this weekend. During the Summer District TLI, in Cookeville, TN I will present a 45 minute seminar on Finding New Members for your club with an emphasis on attracting younger generation. This has been a passion of mine, and with the help from several others, I am hoping to make a good few points. Thanks Sara M for her incredible amount of work on this subject, and many other Toastmasters online, I will be able to show how technology can be used as a tool to attract the younger generation.

Hope to see some of you there. Many Monday Mumblers and other area toastmasters are traveling together this weekend. Another great way to build your network.