Summer TLI Presentation about Toastmasters

The presentation during Summer TLI went very well despite some technical snafus. The powerpoint was full of cliches I should have avoided (I watched this youtube video AFTER I came back), but I didn't rely too much on the special effects. Instead I got the audience involved in discussions and people told me afterwards that I did a very good job. I am waiting for the organizers to send me the actual evaluations that attendees filled out. I thought I did great, but after watching my own video recording Sunday afternoon, I thought I could have done much better. My sentences start out alright, but the end poorly. That is something I am continuously working on.

When I started preparing this presentation, I did not have a clear target group I referred to as "youngsters". I think that we shouldn't worry about teenagers, but rather focus on collegiate public and younger professionals. In my actual talks, I did clarify what I meant as I went along. I really enjoyed the giving of the presentation.

Just today I realized though what I had done through this presentation. I was doing a marketing strategy seminar!! I can use that on my resume now:-)

Snafus (I hope you get a laugh out of this):
1. I started speaking without the organizers introducing me. I introduced myself. One of the organizers later introduced me AFTER was finished, when he presented me with a thank you certificate:-)
2. There was no VGA or RCA chord available to connect my laptop to the overhead powerpoint projector in this university building and no one carries those around. Luckily we had a District owned projector, which someone had brought along. But the extension chord to use with it had only one slot. so my laptop was NOT powered during my presentation. The battery died on me on the very last slide of my presentation. So my talk about the web stuff remained just a talk. I had opened up 15 tabs of Internet Explorer to show them many websites I talked about to give them a preview, but that part had to be skipped because my laptop was out of commission:-(
3. I had the organizers print handouts, including the resource document mentioning many websites. But I forgot to distribute them at the beginning. about 10 minutes before the ending, I said, "oh by the way in the handouts I have mentioned all the websites and what they are about...." when everyone said, "what handouts?" I felt so embarrassed at that moment. We did distribute them at that point. But later someone mentioned that it was a good thing I didn't distribute them earlier because people get distracted by them and professionals distribute handouts afterwards anyway.

If you were in that audience, I'd like you to know there were many things I wanted to mention but I couldn't beacuse of lack of time. Please send me an email so that we can continue our discussions on how to attract younger adults to Toastmasters. My email address is bkarle at gmail dot com.