Online Videos (Youtube, Videojug etc)

Marc Lesser: Accomplishing More By Doing Less -
Learn how slowing down and looking deeply can lead to greater business success and personal satisfaction.
Added by Google after Marc presented this talk at their campus recently...

Innovation at Google -
Presentation by Google CIO Douglas Merrill on Innovation at Google

Sunny Side Up by Nathan Frick -
Nathan Frick gives his third speech in Competent Communicator Manual at East Brainerd Toastmasters.

Stick man vs pc mouse -
This is hilarious and highly creative.

Dan Nainan Stand Up Comedy for 1800 People! -
This Indian-Japanese guy does great standup comedy. His take on Indian-American life is funny

Russell Peteres on Chinese and Indians -
This Canadian-Indian is funny. You gotta love his talent.

More Youtube favorites at

How To Bounce Back From A Bad First Impression -
We all know that first impressions are important, but what happens when you've made a bad first impression? This film will show you how to bounce back in style.

How To Set Up Your Own Blog -
Blogging is big news out there on the net. Here's how to set up your own blog!