College Lectures: A Boon

If one was to define a lecture, it would be : One hour of the day where the ultra busy engineer gets time to pursue and exhibit his extra-curricular talent. An hour of relaxation and peace. The rare genius is seen, only if found… These qualities would tarnish if it weren’t for the lecturers …

The multi-tasker (All-at-once type): These set of students are the totally confused type. They attend lectures, take notes, complete their journal, gossip about the junior girlz, see the girlz in their class and also wish that the teacher thinks that he is the most sincere fellow around in the class.

The CR (class representative): These are like politicians, seen and heard only during elections. He is THE ONE u hear when there is a poll going on: To take common off or no? He is usually the one who gives us all the democratic rights to bunk lectures, go for a trip and take a weeks off. He is like on god-sent-savior to the grief stricken followers (read class mates). He’s always ready for PHILIPS (let’s make things better).

The once-in-a-while-visitor: These, though, few give us the courage to do the most loved -bunk. They seem to stroll into the class as if something is wrong with them. Whenever u see them, u question ur self, is he in our class? But they are usually the one’s for whom class if like a café house ‘come when u want, go when u want’. WOW! How heavenly!

The know-it-all-type: They have an answer to all the queries teacher’s ask (or even if she doesn’t ask.) They usually give the answer, before u even read the question. Their hand is always waving in the air and they themselves jumping off their seat to answer, Why not give these dying souls a chance!! . These students, though irritating, help us by not letting the question being passed around. Thank god! Who knows the answer anyway!

The back-benchers: These ‘KINGS’ are the ones everyone envy’s. They are the owners of the most sought after place. Having a view of the entire scene-scenery, they usually are the audience of the drama called ‘classroom’. Some usually are the to-be-greatest-painters, they fill the lousy hours sitting on the backbench and letting there creativity flow on the benches.

The first-bencher: They are seen as ‘sincere’ (by teachers), read between the lines ‘teacher’s pets’. They come to college attend lectures and go home….they don’t believe in SATYAM ONLINE (fun fast easy) But some become by default, considered the most-unlucky-one. They usually tend to come late and the poor souls are invited to take the ‘forbidden seats’.

The forever-lost-in-love: These guyz are usually the ones who are forever sending out love signals in a FHS system (Frequency Hopping Spectrum). They always transmit the WILLS (made for each other) look. Usually found in the parking….

Now there are many such types to discuss , The-middle-bencher, The-side-bencher, The-hunky-funky, The brother of the girlz, The girls most-favorite, The MIRINDA (zor ka jhatka alwayz dhire se lage), … etc………
But for now that’s enough….. the attendance is being taken.