Mi Taanaajee Boltoy

I had innteresting experience today. Came to Mumbai to visit with my mom and dad and their traditional helper Taanaajee was absent due to personal reasons. He usually helps my dad with his wheelchair and takes him around our neighborhood. So instead I pushed the wheelchair this evening. Mom came along as well. A few shopkeepers who know Taanaajee (and don't know me) were puzzled and asked my dad, "where is Taanaajee?". Before anyone said anything, the phrase that came to my mind was - "mee taanaajee boltoy". I said out loud "meech Taanaajee" as in I am Taanaaji for today. In a way, it is correct, as in I am playing the dad's helper role today. But what I found interesting about that thought was that there is a marathi movie playing here (I just saw it) these days called "mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy". In the history of marathi folks, you know Shivaji and Taanaajee were closely related. I felt just exactly what Taanaajee feeld pushing baabaa's wheelchair everyday. I felt his pain and I felt his daily work routine. Mee Taanaajee Boltoy seemed very appropriate to me.