What is LinkedIn?

To me, LinkedIn is a professional relationship management software. But that's not the answer I'll give if someone asks me the question, "hey so what's linkedin?" The answer i give will typically depend upon the generation (based on approx DOB) the questioner belongs to. Here are some examples.

boomers and earlier than 1960s- ahh, forget about it. just call me when you need to talk to me. i still have your phone number.

gen x (1960s to 1980s) - software you and I can use to stay connected with each other and our professional careers, ideas and aspirations.

millenials - gen y (1980s to 2000s) - Its an app I use to stay connected with you and your career and also to share ideas and connections and professional advise. You can use it to search for jobs too.

gen z ( 2000s to 2015+) - it's a cool app you'll use when you start working. it's like Facebook and instagram except you let your friends know what you do for work and all.