What is LinkedIn?

To me, LinkedIn is a professional relationship management software. But that's not the answer I'll give if someone asks me the question, "hey so what's linkedin?" The answer i give will typically depend upon the generation (based on approx DOB) the questioner belongs to. Here are some examples.

boomers and earlier than 1960s- ahh, forget about it. just call me when you need to talk to me. i still have your phone number.

gen x (1960s to 1980s) - software you and I can use to stay connected with each other and our professional careers, ideas and aspirations.

millenials - gen y (1980s to 2000s) - Its an app I use to stay connected with you and your career and also to share ideas and connections and professional advise. You can use it to search for jobs too.

gen z ( 2000s to 2015+) - it's a cool app you'll use when you start working. it's like Facebook and instagram except you let your friends know what you do for work and all.

Mi Taanaajee Boltoy

I had innteresting experience today. Came to Mumbai to visit with my mom and dad and their traditional helper Taanaajee was absent due to personal reasons. He usually helps my dad with his wheelchair and takes him around our neighborhood. So instead I pushed the wheelchair this evening. Mom came along as well. A few shopkeepers who know Taanaajee (and don't know me) were puzzled and asked my dad, "where is Taanaajee?". Before anyone said anything, the phrase that came to my mind was - "mee taanaajee boltoy". I said out loud "meech Taanaajee" as in I am Taanaaji for today. In a way, it is correct, as in I am playing the dad's helper role today. But what I found interesting about that thought was that there is a marathi movie playing here (I just saw it) these days called "mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy". In the history of marathi folks, you know Shivaji and Taanaajee were closely related. I felt just exactly what Taanaajee feeld pushing baabaa's wheelchair everyday. I felt his pain and I felt his daily work routine. Mee Taanaajee Boltoy seemed very appropriate to me.

Gauri Karle Arrives...

On April 8th, 2008 I became a father again. This time my wife gave birth to a baby girl, Gauri Bhushan Karle. She weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces at birth and measured 21 inches long. You can see the pictures of Gauri at

Birthday Bashes

Pictures are at

We celerbrated several friends' kids birthdays in the last few weeks and Shridhar loved it more than we did. The games they played, the dances we danced it was all fabulous. My parents also got a glimples of social life of a desi family through these reunions. First it was Sam-Anu's daughter (Vivica), then it was Ravi-Usha's son (Raghav), followed by Hira's son (Aksh). Each party had a different theme and all were fun.

By the way, Shridhar turns 17 months today. And he is growing fast, physically as well as intellectually. More on that later...

The World Champion of Public Speaking is...

Just found out that the Toastmasters International's World Champion of Public Speaking is Vikas Jhingran. He is doing his PhD at MIT and happens to be from Moradabad, India. I felt so good to hear this news about him, that I thought I must share it. Inspring others though speech is not easy, and to win a contest at such a high level is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations Vikas, you have achieved a great feat!!

I am hoping to listen to his actual presentation some day (title of his speech was "The Swami's Question") but for now, I am content with a podcast of his interview just before the final contest day. Here are a few links, if you are interested...
Podcast of his interview
MIT's Press Release on his sensational achievement

The second place contestant is no less competent. Rory Vaden has an inspirational story himself. I just listened to his message on his own website. Its amazing. This guy is young!! It seems he really wants to win the World Championship of Public Speaking. He started competing in his original hometown of Denver last year (2006) and went all the way to the Finals but didn't win there. And this year he again competed, this time from Nashville as his base. And he came second place, very close to winning again. But I am not too worried about hi, he has success written all over him. Check out his websiteswebsite1, website2 and promotional videos. You will know what I mean...

जीमेल - हिन्दी में (Gmail in Hindi)

आजकल मै अपना जीमेल पूरा हिन्दी मे देखता हून. आपने वो कभी ट्राय किया है?

करना हो तो सिर्फ़ “सेटिन्ग्स” में जाके language = हिन्दी कहके save किजिये…
फ़िर देखो कमाल…

Hindi Gmail Screenshot

to easily type your messages in Hindi, use Baraha 7.0 - download it on your PC at

If you don't see unicode fonts in marathi/hindi on your PC, follow instructions on this page

Online Videos (Youtube, Videojug etc)

Marc Lesser: Accomplishing More By Doing Less -
Learn how slowing down and looking deeply can lead to greater business success and personal satisfaction.
Added by Google after Marc presented this talk at their campus recently...

Innovation at Google -
Presentation by Google CIO Douglas Merrill on Innovation at Google

Sunny Side Up by Nathan Frick -
Nathan Frick gives his third speech in Competent Communicator Manual at East Brainerd Toastmasters.

Stick man vs pc mouse -
This is hilarious and highly creative.

Dan Nainan Stand Up Comedy for 1800 People! -
This Indian-Japanese guy does great standup comedy. His take on Indian-American life is funny

Russell Peteres on Chinese and Indians -
This Canadian-Indian is funny. You gotta love his talent.

More Youtube favorites at

How To Bounce Back From A Bad First Impression -
We all know that first impressions are important, but what happens when you've made a bad first impression? This film will show you how to bounce back in style.

How To Set Up Your Own Blog -
Blogging is big news out there on the net. Here's how to set up your own blog!

Young People Making a Difference

Shimmy Mehta, a young professional set out to make a difference when he was in college. He went on to create AngelWish foundation, a non-profit that serves children living with HIV/AIDS. It's an amazing story, one that inspired me.
Watch this video when Motel Williams interviewed Shimmy on TV

Summer TLI Presentation about Toastmasters

The presentation during Summer TLI went very well despite some technical snafus. The powerpoint was full of cliches I should have avoided (I watched this youtube video AFTER I came back), but I didn't rely too much on the special effects. Instead I got the audience involved in discussions and people told me afterwards that I did a very good job. I am waiting for the organizers to send me the actual evaluations that attendees filled out. I thought I did great, but after watching my own video recording Sunday afternoon, I thought I could have done much better. My sentences start out alright, but the end poorly. That is something I am continuously working on.

When I started preparing this presentation, I did not have a clear target group I referred to as "youngsters". I think that we shouldn't worry about teenagers, but rather focus on collegiate public and younger professionals. In my actual talks, I did clarify what I meant as I went along. I really enjoyed the giving of the presentation.

Just today I realized though what I had done through this presentation. I was doing a marketing strategy seminar!! I can use that on my resume now:-)

Snafus (I hope you get a laugh out of this):
1. I started speaking without the organizers introducing me. I introduced myself. One of the organizers later introduced me AFTER was finished, when he presented me with a thank you certificate:-)
2. There was no VGA or RCA chord available to connect my laptop to the overhead powerpoint projector in this university building and no one carries those around. Luckily we had a District owned projector, which someone had brought along. But the extension chord to use with it had only one slot. so my laptop was NOT powered during my presentation. The battery died on me on the very last slide of my presentation. So my talk about the web stuff remained just a talk. I had opened up 15 tabs of Internet Explorer to show them many websites I talked about to give them a preview, but that part had to be skipped because my laptop was out of commission:-(
3. I had the organizers print handouts, including the resource document mentioning many websites. But I forgot to distribute them at the beginning. about 10 minutes before the ending, I said, "oh by the way in the handouts I have mentioned all the websites and what they are about...." when everyone said, "what handouts?" I felt so embarrassed at that moment. We did distribute them at that point. But later someone mentioned that it was a good thing I didn't distribute them earlier because people get distracted by them and professionals distribute handouts afterwards anyway.

If you were in that audience, I'd like you to know there were many things I wanted to mention but I couldn't beacuse of lack of time. Please send me an email so that we can continue our discussions on how to attract younger adults to Toastmasters. My email address is bkarle at gmail dot com.

Roast Of Jan Daigle & Other Toastmasters Achievements

The Roast on last Wednesday went very well. The normal meeting room was unavailable, so we ended up meeting at picnic tables and using a tree stump as a lectern. The Roast was well received, one in which I felt very comfortable. Jan, the object of my roast thought I was too kind to her and should have made the roast even more pokey. You can be the judge. Watch the video of this roast at my YouTube site

With that roast, I achieved Advance Communicator Bronze award. Just last week, I also achieved Advance Leader Bronze award. This is amazing for me, because everything is going just as I had planned a year ago. The clubs I belong to are becoming Distinguished, and in turn helping me achieve my own goals. The feeling of success through teamwork is incredible.

To cap all this, I am getting another honor - an honor of presenting in front of 75-100 toastmasters this weekend. During the Summer District TLI, in Cookeville, TN I will present a 45 minute seminar on Finding New Members for your club with an emphasis on attracting younger generation. This has been a passion of mine, and with the help from several others, I am hoping to make a good few points. Thanks Sara M for her incredible amount of work on this subject, and many other Toastmasters online, I will be able to show how technology can be used as a tool to attract the younger generation.

Hope to see some of you there. Many Monday Mumblers and other area toastmasters are traveling together this weekend. Another great way to build your network.